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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Zig Zag








Zig and Zag

The Creative Superheroes


How Two Sides

Can Live Together

In Harmony


Meet Zig.

Master of the Left Brain Universe. Focused. Particularly poised. Zeroed in on details. Addicted to analysis. Logical. Rational. Objective.

Meet Zag.

The Creative of the Cranium. Rabble Rouser of the Right Brain. Freewheeling. Open Minded. Holistic. Sensitive. The Sultan of Spontaneity. 

Zig accessorizes with plastic pocket protectors, in ear communication devices, laptop shoulder bags, calculators, file folders, buzzing Blackberries, diagrams and data, pie charts and apps. Lots of apps.

Zag embellishes with style. Scribbles with crayons. Mixes florals with plaid. Adorns with beads and bangles, swaddled in shawls and scarves. A walking canvas of broad sweeping swooshing brushstrokes. Laden with a tote of crumpled rumpled jumbled absolutely essential stuff. 

Zig downloads Map Quest.  From A to B to C. 

Zag will get there eventually after stopping to ask for directions from the most interesting person who looks exactly like a cousin from Florida and is wearing the most amazing boots made out of recycled tires. 

Zig outlines the agenda for the meeting using a white board and markers, a pointer for clarity and bullet points for emphasis. 

Zag comes to the meeting the day after it is scheduled with the wrong color binder and seventeen pages of copy illustrated and captioned plus an accompanying audio track of flute and zither harmonies. 

Zig has a business plan. Statistics. Costs. Projections. Realistic goals. Deadlines.

Zag has ideas. Visions. New horizons. Vistas. Inventions. Breakthroughs. Tear down and rebuild from scratch renovations. 

Zig's Motto: Just the facts ma'am. Just the facts.

Zag's Motto: I wonder if........

Zig likes to live INSIDE the lines.

Zag likes to hang upside down. 

Zig and Zag.


YES and NO.


Because here I sit Zagging right along, with my Zig Master standing over my shoulder, arms crossed over chest, foot tapping, whispering...Edit...Cut...Get to the Point..


Okay. Okay. The truth is that Zig and Zag are inseparable. Opposites do attract. Hold each other together. Make the impossible possible. 

Paying the bills. Bills do come due. With interest when ignored. Red ink may be an artistic preference, but black ink means you get to be an artist for one more day. 

Artists may have mentors. People who believe in their dreams and support their endeavors, but a blank check is reckless bookkeeping. Even an artist must balance his or her own accounts. 

Zig and Zag are both control freaks. Zig doesn't like anyone playing with the numbers. Zag doesn't want to give up artistic license. When neither will budge, both will lose. Once in awhile, the Zigs of the world should go barefoot, while the Zags lug around the briefcase. 

To be concise. This is not about compromise. Giving up or giving in. Principles do matter. Living responsibly, showing up, seeing the world through more than one perspective, insures good stewardship. Rewards respect. 

In the end Zig and Zag are good neighbors. Together, with one voice, they agree...


                         Be responsible.....for what you create. 

P.S. Zig has been known to wear a Sponge Bob T-shirt on weekends and Zag likes to make perfectly straight lines in the carpet when she vacuums. 

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