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Thursday, October 27, 2011

With Reckless Abandon






Just Kidding Around




There is a time for serious ponderous heavy handed highly concentrated effort. A time to plan, to plot and to produce. There is a necessity to be consciously conscious in our business and in our lives. Life is serious business. You know the old saying about idle hands. Nose to the grindstone. Making our numbers. Reaching our goals. Striving to get ahead. Being the best. Measuring up. Rising to the occasion. Managing. Controlling. Negotiating. Being a team player. Motivated. Maximizing potential. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I need a nap. Having reached my fullest potential, I am exhausted.


Okay. Time for play. Uniforms. Rules. Play books. Strategies. Go for the burn. Adversaries. Hit 'em hard. Tackle. Wrestle. Score. Run. Jump. Leap. Pass. Shoot. There is no "I"in Team. Uh-Oh...

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...sorry another nap. One leap too many I guess. Napping. I am good at that. Very good at that. 

Daydreaming is good too.

So is play time. 


Rest and relaxation. 

Time for a play date. Get out the crayons. Play-Doh. Dress up clothes. Sock puppets. Clown make-up. Hmmmm...maybe not the clown make-up. Clowns kinda scare me. But you get the drift.

Be a kid. 

Children play. All the time. They color outside the lines, run like the wind, and let their imaginations run wild. Little kids often find the wrapping and the bows and the box infinitely cooler than what is actually inside the box. They can make an entire orchestra out of a drawer full of pots and pans. They create their own soundtracks with zooming noises and whirrrs and vrroooms and kapows!

Remember Mr. Potato Head? Lincoln Logs? Legos? Anyone? Anything   sound vaguely familiar? There was a time when kids built stuff without instruction manuals, using Tinker Toys and Construx.

Entire cities. Fortresses. Castles. Enchanted kingdoms. 

I remember having boxes of old clothes we turned into costumes and then played dress up which led to a play we performed for our parents until fits of giggles brought the curtain down. If I told you right now to go to your junk drawer, the one beside the sink, and that you have thirty minutes to invent a new board game...could you...would you??

Play. Is. Important. Foolishness. Leads. To. Silliness. Leads. To. Giggles. Leads. To. Laughter. Leads to...


The wonder of the world. the world around us and the world that lies within. Without the ability to return to the childlike wonder that resides in our hearts, how can we ever be glad?  Happy? Joyous? 

Take time to play. Etch-A-Sketch a few new laugh lines. Then take a nap. Here is your permission slip.

Dear (To Whom It May Concern),

________ is under the weather today. Please excuse their absence. 


________'s Mother...

...Who Always Knows Best 

Maybe my dear one, just play your oboe.

Just for today, make your own music.

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