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Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Little Monkey Business







Driving home from running errands and idling at a stoplight. Out of the corner of my eye, a shock of pink. Pink fur. A fuzzy pink furry creature dancing on the corner holding up a sign advertising a local business. A fuzzy pink creature dressed head to toe in fur and wearing a monkey mask. 

I smile. 

I swivel my head from left to right noticing all the other drivers, captivated as well, and...


I glance in my rearview mirror as I pull away and the creature in the shocking pink suit is dancing, in front of an audience that has left the building. 

The cartoon balloon over my head as I drive away, reads...

Where do I go to interview for THAT job?

Think of it. 

I did. 

All the way home. 

Outside all the time without wearing my usual SPF345 sun screen. 

Anonymous. Not easily identified. 

Always warm. Dressed in fluffy comfy footie pajamas. 

Shocking. Pink. Shockingly stopping traffic!

Best of all. 


To whichever music I choose. Dance and dance and dance. Rock and roll and boogie down, bob and weave to the oldies, hip and hop to rap. Shake my hips and clap clap clap. 

Show off my smooth moves. Slam dance my style. Shimmy and shake while making them smile. Those passers by, who see me cutting loose...

Tired commuters headed home, or weary workers on their way to the late night shift. Stuck in rush hour traffic, underwhelmed or overanxious from the news of the day. Simple people, folks like me, seriously considering the road ahead, or the text on the phone in their lap, adjusting the radio dial, or leaning over the backseat hollering for quiet. 

Blink. I see pink. 

I want to meet the creative. 

The creative who imagined a fuzzy pink suit and a monkey mask. 

The cleverness of this stunt is the mark of a creative mind. 

A monkey mind. 

How about a little monkey business...mind.

The creator of this concept likes to play with color markers. Likes to pull staff into a white walled room littered with boxes of Legos, colored paper, molding clay, finger paints, easels and brushes, Polaroid cameras, push pins and post it notes in bright tropical colors. 

Everyone is welcome, from clerical staff to engineers. No one has seniority in the monkey mind department. No one has to toe the line in personal deportment. Everything is ON the table. Including bowls of chocolate pudding and wet watercolor paper. 

The challenge: Make a mess of things. 

The result: A Shocking Pink Monkey Suit and A Smile

I'm still smiling NOW. 

And as for the mess. 

There are mops and pails, erasers and wastebaskets aplenty. 

But an original thought, an inspiration, a new idea rising from the freedom of expression, is always seen in the Wild

Much like the Yard Yeti Women Of Lore

Bright pink Gerbera Daisies, dressed in yellow wellies and garden gloves. 

Standing on the corner, waiting for you to idle, long enough to be seen...

Meet Gladys Gerbera...

...she's right THERE

...a flash of pink the blink of an eye...

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