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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rock A Bye Baby

...While We Wait...

...We Sing...




For You...

We Sing ... A Lullaby

We whisper, our voices soft and low. 

Leaning down, tenderly crooning your name.

We imagine, place a hand to feel your heartbeat,

and picture you sleeping.

We pace back and forth, rocking together in a slow dance,

following the rhythm of life. 

We practice being grown ups,

while walking down the aisles at toy stores,

remembering with fondness our own youth.

We worry about everything we know,

and all the things we don't.

Mostly, when all else fails, we sing. 



don't you cry

love songs.

To You.

Before we meet.

Now here, in our arms,

after counting all your fingers and kissing all your toes,

we are full of such an abiding love,

that to embrace this awkward first meeting, 

we simply rock,

back and forth,

and smile...

Singing lullabies. 

Somehow, we know, 

we just do,

that this is exactly what should be done

and what we will do



each and every day to come. 

Sing With Us. 

The waiting is over...

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