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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Proof That Santa Really Really Does Read His Mail



To My Grandchild...


Christmas Eve...

Dear Child, 

In celebration of your first Christmas, I wrote you a letter...

You are a part of the universe. Look up into the sky at night, once in
awhile and remind yourself that you are tiny. The smallest piece of an
infinite puzzle just like the ones you will put together as a child. There is 
nothing more frustrating than to work long and hard solving the puzzle
only to find the last piece missing. Perhaps, just perhaps, you are the
missing piece, the one that we have all searched for under tables, 
behind refrigerators. out in the shed in the yard or deep in the sand on
the beach. Perhaps you, though tiny, are actually the answer. The
solution. The link that makes us all whole. Only time will tell. Only your
time will tell. And before you put the period at the end of your sentence, I
wish you the glory of many question marks, exclamation points, asterisks
and commas in your life story. You are the editor-in-chief and have an
eraser at the end of your pencil.

Forgive yourself mistakes and missteps. Pride yourself on honest effort, a
kindness of heart, an openness to inquiry, and stand tall among your
peers. But never ever look down, stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest
of humanity and share when you have more than enough, work hard
when you have too little, and be grateful when someone lends you a hand
to help you up. Just be sure to return the favor and always always
remember to keep a grin tucked up your sleeve and a smile in your heart.


Santa Claus


...There might be a letter waiting for you....

...if you simply take a moment to

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