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Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Circle Series Spiraling Upward

For many of you, perhaps the Circle Series is a bit off the mark of my former essays. But I feel, oh so strongly, that the Repeating Patterns of Nature are the prequel to a Life Lesson that is often overlooked. There is such beauty in Nature. Such sustainable goodness, I desire only to point you in the direction of the Wonders Of the World, in a world where perhaps you have lost the ability to wonder, to dream, or to reach beyond your grasp. 

   For here, in the Spiral, lies the secret once again of the Fibonacci Numbers. 

The Golden Ratio. 
The miraculous abundance of Mother Nature, 
waiting only for recognition and inspiration. 

Mathematicians are supposedly closed to anything in the Universe that is not measurable, nor capable of fitting into a Spread Sheet of Academic Reason.

But, alas, the opposite is true, 
Mathematicians seek only order and reason, but if they were plied with a cocktail, might readily accede that the Universe is continually expanding and so far out of our reach, that anything, virtually, anything may be possible, and that only our very Human Biases prevent us from the scope of life beyond.

Once in awhile, a mathematician will nod to the Wonder of Mother Nature,by charting the sequence 1,1,2,3,5,8 into diagrams of Spirals,based on what we can see and what we can measure, while open ended enough to perhaps lead us into the Realm Of Inspiration.

If I had unlimited resources, I would seek out Ennio Mariccone to compose a Soundtrack encompassing the emergence of a petal, the spirals of a conch shell, the apportionment of birch tree branches, the pulse of waves breaking on the shore, so we all might pause in our lives, to witness the wonders of a Spiral as it floats and rises in mathematically fluid motions up up up in the comforting repeatingly remarkable patterns of Nature. 

Consider the Lilies of the Field. 

Or perhaps, the shells on a beach. 
The seed pods of an Aster. 

If your mind wanders more to the Sounds Of Nature, set yourself down in the sand,and listen to the Tide. The crashing waves of the Sea,penetrate another mathematical Wonder, that of our Choclear Membranes, virtually  parallel in design to the Conch Shells lying on the beach. 

The Fibonacci Numbers are a reassurance to us all that Life follows a repeating pattern that is not only soothing to the Soul,yet Inspiring to those dreams we send forth into the Night Sky, ever Upward and Hopeful that our Best Efforts at Creativity will be Welcomed. 

Reach,dear friend, 
reach well beyond the limits of Time and Space.

 Be a Traveler willing to explore the Brave Unknown.

Rise Rise Rise...
Let Your Dreams Spiral Outside the Limits of Time and Space. 

Reach up and Beyond,,,and Seek Only the Unknown...

Be a Daredevil...A Risk Taker...a Dreamer...

And if Ennio Maricccone is needing another Gig, please let him know that the Wonders of the Fibonacci Universe await his musical Genious...

In the meantime...

The Spiral

A spiral

like a ballerina
spinning on point
the tail of a kite
twisting in the wind
the pattern of a shell

or curlicue of a vine
the steady rise
of a hill
the fingerprint whorl
you leave on your life
the helix of creation
the wonder of individuality
the spiral
trains the eye
to look upward
to accelerate
to appreciate
to celebrate

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