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Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Circle Series Riding the Wave

Moving spirals. 
The Fibonacci Sequence rears its head once again, in repetitive rolling sequences. 

The Numbers, the Fibonacci Numbers, the line and design of Mother Nature‚Äôs exquisite and devious plan, are not to be trifled with nor ignored. Ignore those mathematical arrows if you wish, but in this tech-no-logical world hyperfixated on latitude and longitude, rising temperatures and warming seas, lies a secret so devastatingly simple, that it is perhaps our own fault that we allow ourselves to be distracted by overactive minds. 

The Wave is merely a curl, like the one on the end of a curling iron. A semi-permanent twist, but a Spiral nonetheless. The evolution of a straight line into a tender curl caressing the nape of your neck. 

A Wave on a beach, soft and vapid, yet so gentle a rhythm, hearts slow to match the metre. Tick tock, in and out, the grains of sand sliding through an hour glass. 

We are all solitary shards of sand on an endless beach, 
unaware of the pull of the tide nor the strength of its passion. 

A Wave may begin as a Spiral, an effortless whimsical curl, and without warning, under the influence of Wind, Earthquake, and Shifts on the Ocean Floor, the curl becomes a kink, a violent overreaction to a confluence of unexpected guests, arriving too early, demanding to be fed. 

Tsunamis, Hurricanes, Rip Tides, Water Spouts, Typhoons, Rogue Waves. The dunes shift, the sea retreats leaving the sand barren. The silence and the abandonment stuns as we stare out onto the horizon, knowing that something is coming and it might not be Good. 


Waves are forming, cresting, rising and warning. 
Be Ready. Be Ready to Move. 
To Higher Ground
To Safety

This is the time in your life to Zoom OUt. To widen your stance. To prepare for a change. Storms may dissipate far from shore, but this time, this moment may lead to a 1,1,2,3,5,8 tempest unleashed. 

So it is in our lives. 
Often a wave is just a wave. 
A warm and tender greeting.

But that lovely curl, that wispy spiral, when overstimulated become something more disastrous. 

Like a bad permanent, kinky and tightly wound, some Waves take months and months to recover, to relax and return to calm. 

The Wave is the right turn on the Circle. 
The final turn toward Home. 

Ride It. Run from it. 

Your choice. 

 If  you DO practice Riding the Waves by finding your center of gravity, trusting and building new muscles, you will have the delicious pleasure of ...Coming Full Circle

The Wave

A wave

from the shore
the swell appears.
A riffle on the surface
belies the strength of the surge.
Wind flutters leaves
before the billowing air
bends boughs.

Feel it. 
The coming change
in your landscape.
That inner rise.
The lift of spirit 
as senses engage,
your soul itches to
follow your momentum
and ride the wave
to and fro
let yourself go.

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