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Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Valentine From Dr. Seuss

Don’t cry because it is over, 
Smile because it happened...
Dr. Seuss

 I recently read a book on aging gracefully, in which the author proposed that older folks, like me, face more endings than beginnings.
At first I took her words at face value, then a part of me rose up in rebellion. Not fist pumping in the air stomping through the yard curse filled ranting behavior. At my age, with winter frost hiding beneath the snow, a senior like myself, cannot afford a broken hip.

No, it was an inner from myself to myself conversation. The best kind I think. Some things should never be said out loud. Especially in anger. This was a true give and take between my outer self and the true inner soul of me not ready to accept such a bleak and futile future.

Endings should be celebrated, not mourned. Just when I felt myself slipping down the sadness slope, I ran across the quote above from an old friend from childhood.

Everything comes to an end. True. I will give you that. However, endings are like an open door, for when you climb over the clutter and the broken pieces of your heart, to exit and start all over again. New beginnings start, once you throw out the trash.

Valentine’s Day is a day of celebration. A time to pull loved ones close. To send out messages, like the ones on those little candy hearts, the simple words of I love you, you are special, you mean everything to me, from sweet me to sweet you. Kisses and hugs. 

Rows and rows of
X’s and O’s.

For some, this is the first of many Valentines sent. Or even better, the first Valentines to receive. For this is a day when forgiveness reigns supreme. This is the day when what rises before me are not the faults or the slights, the past mistakes or losses. What I see as I pour over the cards in the Hallmark Store, what I crave are the words I need to say to ensure that no matter the bumps or bruises life may bring, you, you dear ones, are my safe place to rest while I move from an ending to a new beginning. Your love for me and my love for you holds me steadfast in the belief that there will always be a Spring.

The sun will shine on a new day and together we will walk through the open door eager to start again on the path to new adventures.

The best part of this Valentine Celebration Of Beginnings is CHOCOLATE.

 This, the eat all the chocolate you want day, is so incredibly sweet, it makes my teeth ache. Almost. So let us all unwrap the red foiled chocolate hearts and savor the best beginning of all.

Today I have one more day with you.

Thank you Dr. Seuss for the smile.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your love with me.

When your candy box is half empty, don’t cry.
Rejoice that the next box is just waiting to be opened.

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