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Friday, December 24, 2021

Be Of Good Cheer

My dear friends, on this Christmas Eve, I come to you hat in hand. I have been away from the blog for far too long a time. I have never missed a Christmas Eve with you in all these years, and I vowed that would not change. So here I sit, headphones on, an earful of Christmas melodies echoing in my ears and night descending across the sky. 

Tonight, for just a little while, I wish you a respite from the past long months. May you, whether gathered with family and friends, or flying solo, be of good cheer. For tonight, may your dreams be sweetened with the joy of Christmas present. 

I have often told you that Christmas Eve is my favorite time in the Christmas season. Tonight is no different, as I tell myself that my work is done. Fire in the fireplace, tree lights shimmering, and a soul softening silence surrounds me. I flipped off the headphones, comfortable to watch the stars flicker in the sky. 

If you can, if you are able, find a memory to warm you where you are. Perhaps, a Christmas Eve from your childhood past. One that glows brightly and makes you smile. And if memory fails, think then of the wonder of a child. 

A child tucked in for sleep, wishing and dreaming on an endless loop of please, please, please…ending with the words… I’ve been good. 

Think like a child. Dream innocence. Feel hope. Remember joy. 

Nothing, my dear friends, nothing lasts forever, Everything changes. What once was, fades into the past. All that remains is tomorrow. Tomorrow is Christmas. A day of blessings as seen through the eyes of a child. Children believe in goodness. They truly do. 

So if you do nothing, set out a plate of cookies and a glass of milk. 

Look skyward and repeat with me…

I’ve been good.

Trust me. 

You are wrapped in a blanket of comfort, 

for you are loved. 

Just believe. 


Cookies For Santa

I believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. I believe when the sun sets at night, it will greet me in the morning. I believe that Spring will follow Winter, the ground will soften and the seeds strewn among the leaves of Fall will sprout and grow.

I believe in things I cannot see or touch or hold in my hand, but feel in my heart. I am, like all gardeners, an optimist. I believe that the true beginning of faith lies in Hope. 

Stockings hung by the chimney, cookies on a plate, a note tucked under a pillow…demonstrate a childlike innocence..

That anything can happen if you dare to dream, to hope. 

To believe. 

Merry Christmas from my home to yours. 


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