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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Birthday Salute




On this date in history...

Once upon a time...

A star is born...


Cake and candles...

Make a wish...



Scientific data suggests that animals possess a sensory skill in detecting earthquakes hours before we humans detect movement. A life detector. A slight shift on seismic sonar. A simple shudder. A hiccup.

A leaf out of place, yet no trace of wind. Resonating to a different beat. Dancing to the sound of a distant and different drummer.

My yard. 

Last summer.

I was, for some unknown reason and very unlike my usual rush rush rush self, perfectly still. Otherwise, I would have missed it. A rush of air out of the south and all the leaves on the oak tree leaned left. 



In one direction. 

In unison.

All but one. 

One leaf did not lean. 

One leaf on a low branch even with my stare, fluttered like a hummingbird's wings. Vibrated. As if tuned to a different key, singing like a diva, like that one voice in a children's choir that floats above the chorus, in perfect harmony, separated by a decibel. 

Notice me.

Same breeze. Same dynamic. Same melody.

A different rhythm. 

That little green wiggling machine shimmied and shook. Jazz hands. 

I swear you could see all the other leaves roll their eyes,

casting down aspersions, or whatever leaves do when one of their

own gets caught acting out. 

No matter. 

The little leaf never leaned in unison.

Right or left. It simply scampered to the tune it heard playing.

Every single time. 

Odder still, as I stood and gazed at every tree in the yard, each and every one had a mutineer. An imp. A soloist. A partner in crime.

See... Me... Solidarity. 

Just one

If by chance, today is your birthday, and you believe in chlorophyll conspiracy theories, consider this your moment to stand out. To wave back and forth and be noticed. 

You are the only one of you. 


Just you

No one anywhere, not here nor there, exists the way you do. 

No one can ever take your space or hold your place. 

On every other day of the week of every month of every year, you do a nice job of leaning left and swaying right. A team player. 

Not today.

Today you can make your claim to fame. 

The music is in you. 


Tomorrow you can go back to fitting in. 


The candles are for you. 

Make a wish.

...then let the wind blow...

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