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Friday, March 16, 2012

March Madness

March Madness













Welcome to Team Chocolate. Let the games begin. I can tell that it is March because I am salivating. I have the itch. Can smell the aroma. The sweet bouquet of sweet nothings I am about to whisper in your ear. 

I am desperately trying to maintain decent dessert decorum, but one whiff of you-know-what and I am not to be trifled with...this is serious business.

Think of it.

An entire month to sit on the sofa and watch, listen, read, absorb, partake, taste, jump, scream, yell and sample those mouthwatering edible gifts.

Chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Mid day snacks. Treats. Ladylike bites. Forkfuls. Handfuls. Boxes. Plates. Cartons. Slices. Layers. Bags and bags and bags. 

Chunks and morsels and curls and double doubles and triple ripple. 

Are you ready for some chocolate?

Are you really ready?

Do you have your game face on?

Have you made your picks? Done your homework?

I have. I'm ready. Here are my brackets. 


Cookies versus Cake.

Brownies versus Tarts

Icing versus Glaze

Fudge versus Frosting.

Semisweet versus Bittersweet.

Chocolate chunk versus Cookie dough.

Black forest versus Molten lava. 

Milk versus Dark. 

Sprinkles versus Curls. 

Syrup versus Hot fudge.

Bars versus morsels. 

Assorted chocolates versus Chocolate covered cherries.

Mousse versus trifle


I am having trouble typing because my fingers keep slipping off the keys and I think I am about to go into glycemic shock, but it feels sooooo good...I think I just committed a flagrant foul by putting sprinkles AND curls on my chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream layer cake. 

Oh dear...a technical for picking out all the buttercreams from the box of assorted chocolates.

Uh and please excuse the incidental contact. I was only trying to rip open the bag with my teeth and then all the M&M's hit the floor and I threw an elbow, but the shot clock was running down, I needed an assist, and you just sat there staring. What??!!!

Too bad for you because the possession arrow just pointed in my direction, a full court press, quick pivot and I am in for the lay up.

Ha! A piece of cake. A triple chocolate cheesecake. 

I am one tough cookie. Dunk? No thanks, I like my double chunk chocolate chip cookies with ganache not panache. 

Replays? YES

Overtime? YES YES YES


Face it. Can you feel the craving? Have you got the urge? The desire? The Appetite?

Welcome to the Madness!

March Madness!

Excuse me?


Not chocolate?


I think I feel a bit confused. 

And CRANKY...very...very...very...CRANKY.


I'll be okay.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to eat chocolate and feel CRANKY at the same time!

Can I have a show of hands?

Yup. Thought so. 

Let the March Madness Chompionships begin. 

Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. 


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