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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Breaking News The News Is Good






I've admitted to you before that I am a news junkie. I start my day reading headlines from all over the planet. A regular Lois Lane of the newsroom. Page after page, article after article. Line by byline. 

Story after story. Until my vision blurs. 

And I have come to a conclusion. 

Rising up from the foggy bottom. 

That would be Me rising up from MY foggy bottom. 

And I think...

This is my Op-Ed. 

My opinionated opinion. 

We have reached the tipping point. 

We are all standing right on the edge of the precipice. 

Hanging on by our fingernails. 

Holding our collective breath.

Waiting for the Prada pump to fall. 

Playing an Ace on the top of the stacked deck of cards. 

Wobble. Wobble. Wobble. 

I think it's here. 

The moment. 

The day that good news becomes breaking news

Shock value. 

My good news will have shock value. 

Shock from everyone out there so shell shocked from the day to day nastiness that is the news...

Maybe I'll even have to start my own newspaper, or e-zine, because I have a feeling that the "good" news will melt the competition.

People will realize just what their lives have been missing and beg for more and more and more. 

So here goes...

Tomorrow's Top Headlines...

Courtesy of an eternal optimist with a parakeet,

rather than a chip, on her shoulder. 

"Couple Celebrates 25th Wedding Anniversary"

"Child Graduates From College, Gets A Job, And Moves Out"

"Child Moves Out Into New Apartment, Pays Rent, Buys Car, Does Laundry, Cooks Dinner After Depositing Money Left Over From First Paycheck Into Savings Account For Rainy Day"

"Roadwork Finished Ahead Of Schedule And Under Budget"

"Husband Puts Down Lid On Toilet Seat"

"Eating Is Good For You"

"Happy Meal Makes Child Happy"

"Son Calls Mother Just to Say Hello"

"Mother Keeps Opinions To Herself"

"Neighbors Act Neighborly"

"Family Eating Dinner Together Turns Out Well. Child Eats Peas"

"Power Outage. Mysterious Lights In Sky Turn Out To Be Stars"

I can sense that you are skeptical. That you will need a little more convincing, but I know you are smiling, because this is so different.

A skewed point of view. 

A different perspective. 

That's okay.

I said it was a tipping point. 

A place to begin anew. 


Good news is new. 

You'll see.

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All the good news that is fit to print starts right here in the garden...

...our garden...

Courtesy of eternal optimists...

who watch the sun rise and the sun set in the garden ...

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