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Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Little Traveling Music If You Please





Opening Number...

Name that tune. 

What song would you pick for your opening number?

For the day you were born?

A song to keep as your permanent ring tone.

Something to hum each year on your birthday. 

I know what I'd pick. 

"Simply Irresistible"...

by Robert Palmer

And at the end, as a closing statement, 

a final bow, an epic epitaph, a musical montage?

My choice???

The inimitable Sir Elton John...

...from the Peachtree Road Album...

"Answer In the Sky"

I am after all the author of...

The Yard Yetis-A Gardeners Tale...

...about to walk bravely through the tall grass...

Adirondack Chairs