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Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Letter From Dad

I hope for a card from you...

What you may not have expected...

But truly deserve...

Is a heartfelt letter from me...

To my child, my children, first, middle, youngest, biological, adopted, step child, near or far, young or old or in between.

First and foremost, you are loved.

Today. Tomorrow. Always.

I make you a promise. To honor and uphold.

I promise I will spend my life setting an example for you.

This...this is my...Code Of Conduct

I will protect those children who live to my right and to my left, just as I do my own. 

I will greet my neighbor as friend and respect his house and home.

I will not lay my head to rest in sleep until I have performed one simple act of kindness for someone least expecting my comfort, and in need of it most.

I will rise at dawn with one less thought for myself, and one more for my fellow man.

I will fill my body with the food of life no more than my need and ever mindful of those whose stomachs will go empty for the day.

I will give a part of my good fortune in charity, without any expectation of an acknowledgment of the gift.

I will receive the love of another, as graciously as I give my own away.

I will walk softly and speak kindly regardless of my circumstance, in the hope that others may soften in my presence and feel safe.

I will close my eyes with my heart full of love for my children, secure that I am wrapped in the heartstrings of parents everywhere, who, like me, wish their children a peaceful night of whimsical dreams.

I will carry in my pocket a charm of courage, to help heal injury where there has been harm.

I will honor, not humiliate.

I will respect, not revile.

I will look into the eyes of those I meet as though a friend forgotten.

I will treasure the innocence of children through my steadfastness.

I will give them hope.

I will give myself peace.

I will live an ordinary life by making others feel extraordinary.

I will know joy.

That joy has a face and a name. 

My joy will today and forever be...

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