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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Circle Series Continues From A Point To A Ray

I began the Circle Series in the previous blog...

Everything begins and ends. That is the Point

The Point I referred to in my previous post.

However, if you link a point to an infinite line in either direction it becomes...

A Ray

Remember please...Nature's line and design. 

The repeating patterns of nature. 

The complex made simple. The simple complex. 

As you read along with me on this geometric journey, find a starting POINT, 
then choose a direction. 

Take yourself on a walk out of doors. 
See if you can spot the geometric wonders that
surround you in your every day life. 

A ray

show some spine
branch out from your center
like the hands of a clock
or spokes on a wheel 
petals on a flower
s t r e t c h  and  r e a c h
beyond your grasp
be a ray of sunshine
be a ray of hope
a beacon in the lighthouse

e   x   t   e   n   d     y   o   u   r   s   e   l   f 


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