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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Boo Hoo Boo

I have a bumper sticker in my office that I love.

It reads:

My mind is a frightening neighborhood. 
I never ever go there alone.
For the very same reason,

I NEVER EVER EVER harbor a desire,
 to visit a Haunted House.

Nor would I choose a Maze to run through, as, like my own mind, there is no promise that I could find my way out, even with hints and whispers of encouragement.

I am neither a fan of scary movies, nor mystery novels.

The stories I am able to tell myself are scary enough.

Thank you very much Stephen King,
 I could run rings around you.

Halloween season brings out the ghouls and the goblins.

Throw out some Snickers, and they flee into the night.

I wish it was that simple.

Over the years, I have compiled a ridiculous list of old and repetitive stories. 

Do you? Do you do that too?

Scare yourself to death before anything happens.

Wear your worry beads into scraps of paste?

I find this topic fascinating.

Face your fears.


But what about a new idea?

What about ripping off the mask of your worries and discovering the wizard behind the curtain has been pulling your strings. Telling lies.
And the wizard is YOU!

What if you could do a malware sweep of your brain, 
and put to rest all those old memories that are now defunct?

What if you could learn to live in…

The Right Now 

Your Right Mind

The Moment

What if you could sit down at the table surrounded by all the occupants of the Cantina scene in Star Wars.? What if you found out that they were merely a manifestation of CGI? What seems real, is merely an illusion. A trick. A treat.

And so are your scary thoughts.
Unreal. Unexpected.


Because you control the messaging. You decide when to turn the channel. You own the conversation. Sadly, it is a total waste of time to conduct an imaginary conversation with YOURSELF!

Trust me on this.

Over our lifetimes, we set up neural networks of the absurd. 
Oh yes, some things have happened. Some things that were truly scary. 

The most important part, is to recognize that,

Even more earth shaking, is the realization, that what has happened once, 


There is no need to manufacture an outcome before the actual event, unless you are such a control freak that you own a crystal ball and can predict the future.

News Flash!!!

You are not that smart.

You are not that wise.

You are a sucker for your own bad branding.

What then is real?


This very second.

The rest is yet to be determined,
no matter how seriously you practice mind control.

So, maybe, just maybe, you should like me, put Halloween in its place. Search out a really really scary mask, pull it down over your face and stare into a mirror. Then in your most eerie voice, tell your scary thoughts to take a hike.

Then, place one hand over your heart, and repeat after me…

I am fine.

I am solid.

I am not afraid. 

I cannot be afraid of something
that has not happened yet.

Worry is a pain in the ass.

Hand it a Snicker and slam the door.

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