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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas From Whoville

It isn’t what you Have…

I just finished wrapping my last present. Wadded up paper, rolls of tape, scissors and ribbon curled at my feet.

It looks like my last present was ME!

Done. I say to myself. Done.

The stuff of Pre-Christmas is Done.
The shopping, the shipping, the sorting.
I have tickled all the boxes on each and every Christmas list.

Except One.
More later.

For now, as visions of sugarplums dance in my head and shards of sticky tape cling to my sweater, I visualize the mayhem about to descend under the tree.

The Gift of Giving
The Gift Of Receiving

While every kind-hearted effort is made, there will be disappointments. Wrong size. Wrong color. The gag gifts so much more amusing to the giver than the recipient. Piles of paper rising on the floor, bows bent and torn envelopes.

For one moment, one delicious moment, prior to the chaos, on this the Eve of celebration, all is still, all is bright. A picture perfect tree, fire in the fireplace, and lots and lots of ...stuff.

What we HAVE.

But I, I pause, and my eyes fill with tears as I step back and realize WHAT is missing from this picture.
No, dear friends, not the WHAT we have…
…but the WHO.

The Who are my loved ones soon to gather around. The hugs at the airport, the delight and wonder of grandkids, the arrival of family from near and far.

The sounds of mirth and munching and snacking and giggles late into the night, snuggled in PJ’s under blankets by the fire.

I gather them all into my arms and hold them close.

Before one single present is opened, MY stocking is Full. Christmas wishes about to come true, even before Santa steps one foot on the roof.


 It’s not what you have wrapped around you that matters…It’s WHO

Though their heads are now pillowed and eager for morning,
I am at peace.

For I am already surrounded by the greatest blessing of all…


May you count your blessings this year with each hug and giggle, laughter and tears of those you love, and those you love You.

Ugly ill fitting sweaters may be returned.


Merry Christmas

For those of you alone on this Eve, we in the Garden of Love, are holding you tight. 
You are our gift and we are yours
Welcome to Whoville.

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