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Monday, December 21, 2020

Crabby Appletons

Crabby Appletons

You’ve met them. I have too. 

They dwell in the land of I Am Always Angry.

It is a dark dark place where miserable folks dwell. 

The Bah Humbugs who want to cancel Christmas. 

However, let us now revisit,

 the Christmas classic by Charles Dickens. 

A Christmas Carol

A storied song about the past, the present and the future. The past is gone and cannot be changed. The present is a challenge to say the least. The future is yet to be written and we all have a pen. The empty page awaits whatever we, its authors, choose to write. 

Christmas is the story of a Child. 

I think I will write my future story using a 24 pack of colored crayons. I will write my story through the eyes of my grandchildren. Innocent wondrous dreamers looking, even as I do, to the stars. 

They have visions of Santa and the reindeer climbing in a sleigh across the sky. The tiny tots, in Christmas pajamas, set out cookies and milk for a certain someone they may never ever see.

Yet they believe. They BELIEVE

They believe in a future of wonder. 

Of wishes and promises kept. 

I will be good, they promise. 

I will be kind. I will love and be loved. 

I too am a child. I too believe in things I cannot see. 

I too BELIEVE in the future. 

I believe in goodwill toward man and giving,

 without want of a receipt.

As I write on MY page with my colored crayons, I see myself in a technicolor Christmas. Filled with giggles, piles of rumpled paper and bushels of bows. Laughter and hugs and kisses. 

Perhaps, the only way forward is to reach inward for the sweet memories of our past youth, to celebrate the present one moment at a time, and to hold the future as a candle in the window. 

The light that brings us all home.

I wish you joy. I wish you peace. 

While we are apart, I drew a picture on MY page of all of us dancing together in front of the window with the stars sprinkling us with wonder. 

Don’t be a Crabby Appleton. 

NEVER say Bah Humbug!

Believe, if for no other reason…

That THIS IS the SEASON!!!

Merry Christmas and To all A Good Night

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