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Friday, March 25, 2011

Love and Life









Life and Loss

Losing a loved one makes me think about waving good-bye. We all return to the earth, where life begins. Water, air, fire and wind. Endless circles emanating from one tiny drop in the ocean. When my time comes, I want one last ride. One final wave and a salute to the skies. 




                                               Water Wings


the sea is still

my hand trailing in the chilled blue 

over the rail 

a plume pierces the surface

she rises slowly

just as the smooth curve of her spine

piques my curiosity for more

underwater I can hear her song

but here

above the waterline

an eye

she sees me spying on her

a young calf cuddled by her side

i nod

neither of us blinks


when i am become as dust

bring me here

sprinkle me on this magnificent sloping back

and let me ride

diving down to the inky depths

then surging skyward

into the breach

high above the waves


To those of you who have known loss, may you find comfort.

Love and life will rise again.

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