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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Word From My Sponsor





My Sponsor


Oh! That would be ME!

GVW CD Greetings...the back story. Over the years, people asked me when I would develop a card line from the Garden Pages. I knew I would get there eventually, but I decided I wanted to travel on a new path.

The idea came to me when I visited one of my children, and discovered the gallery of cards I sent over the years, sitting atop the refrigerator. I had no clue how much he liked to pull them down, now and then, when he needed a reminder of of how much he is loved.

Mailboxes, the ones sitting outside, season to season, awaiting the postperson, seem emptier somehow. Bills, advertising brochures, and catalogs sit in piles. You know what you miss...the sweet satisfaction when you realize you have a card. A real card addressed in ink, your name handwritten. It's the first thing you open. It's the card you read not once, but again and again, or share with family and friends. The one you may keep in a journal or tuck in a drawer. 

A card means...someone thought of you. Took the time. Went to the store. Pored over sentiments until they found the perfect one. Wrote a message. Affixed a stamp. Went to the mailbox or the post office. Smiled to themselves. Imagining. You. Opening the mail, smiling in return.

In the recent past, we tucked pictures inside...a trip, a new baby, bride and groom, inside jokes. Now, we all take lots of pictures, digitally...then "save as" on our phones, iPads, PCs and cameras. 

I wanted to find a way to send the sentiments of my garden pages, along with an empty CD, for you to fill up with memories...ready to share. I wanted the cards to be unique, like all of holders and time travelers...a safe place to land. 

The other night, my son came over to help me install some software. He stumbled onto my picture files and into a trip we took together to my hometown. He took me because he knew I was homesick. Needed to revisit my past. His past...too. There sitting patiently in my computer, waiting for him, the pics he'd never seen. I watched his face as he traveled back in time. He looked over at me and said, you should send these to me. 

When I say good night to you all, I intend to do just that. I know exactly which card I want to send. I designed it with him, and his brother in mind. 

GVW CD Greetings...pick a card..load your own pics...mail. One postage stamp. Sweetly sent. By you. With just a little help from me. 

Maybe you will end up as the guest star on top of the refrigerator.


          This page is dedicated to the creative team that took my little seed of an idea and brought it into the sunlight.

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