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Friday, December 28, 2012

A New Year Novella
















the time of the year for writers of every ilk to sharpen their pencils, open up the laptop, grab a yellow pad, settle in and settle down with good intentions in hand and the creative itch waiting to be scratched...

a last look back at the 364 and fingers poised to turn the page on number 365...
glasses raised to the good old days or the bad old nights and all the spaces in between...
a toast to what we achieved, what we won and what we lost...

storytelling time means character development...a chance for intro and extra perception...a change of perspective...walking around in tight new shiny shoes until they feel comfortable...

page 1 of 2 or 3 or 4 or more all start with a pull-your-reader-in-grab-'em-gotcha-your-mine single sentence slam dunk

dream walking in a waking state of mind where you are every one of the characters in your fictionalized story where the names have been changed to protect the innocent in you
this is not a time to break old habits, rather a time to instigate new ones, to break out and break free and to take your foot off the brake and hit the gas full throttle

because this is about time and time for an about face, a u-turn, a pivot, a step out of line
the unexpected the undetermined the unspoken the unheard of the unleashed the unusual the unsung the unvisited new territory

the yet to be discovered brand new page you are about to write...

maybe you need the melody first, the humming thrumming beat in your head tra la la dum dee dum strumming on the strings warm up exercise on the way to the right pitch, the rise and fall of the bass notes and the tenor and alto duet with the soprano notes shrieking into the chorus and the bridge to somewhere only the music can take you...

or perhaps you are a lyricist first logging blogging journaling random thoughts and ideas with itsy bitsy pieces of your soul floating about like dust motes just waiting to be swept up before your windshield wipers clear away the grime and you can see the road ahead...

...the one you have not taken yet but know will take you exactly where you need to go...
this new years eve is the moment of hesitation, the big breath in, the quick look back at promises made and promises broken and the sound of anonymous spiteful critics cracking their knuckles ready to take a crack at whatever you might think of... what you just might write...

let 'em

dare 'em

fool 'em

it's the new year and the new page upon which you intend to write is staring you in the face and the story and the characters and the action and the drama and the comedy and the rise and fall of events belong to you the author and creator...

...the ambitious beginner curiosity driven eager famished garrulous humdinger of an intelligent journeyman kitted and loquacious moving now onward pioneering quietly resolutely and safely traveling up up up visualizing where the y forks in the road and x marks the spot and you have crossed the alphabetic line from a to z...

new equals novel

a novel idea

a new narrative

the countdown begins as the ball descends in the square...


you know the ending to the old story
here's to the beginning of the one you are about to write...

Mine starts like this:

Between eyes closed and the coming of sleep,
is a land where anything and everything can come true.

A special New Year's thank you to all my readers in Arizona, Connecticut, California, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Florida, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan,  Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Tennessee, Georgia, Illinois, Oklahoma, Colorado and Hawaii et. al. 

And across the miles, in Brazil, Lebanon, The UK, Poland, Ireland, Australia, Spain, France.....

I love hearing from you and hope to see you again in the New Year.

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