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Friday, December 18, 2015

A Christmas Garden Of Verses

A Christmas Garden Of Verses

The Christmas Story in its original form, involves a family on a journey far from home, guided by a celestial GPS, with a No Vacancy Sign in the window, upon their arrival. No 500 count linens on the bed, no mint on the pillow and not even a Welcome Mat near the door. 

However, as the story goes, 
Home is A Space, Not a Place.  

Instead, the family was soon truly blessed by the kindness of strangers, and the embrace of shepherds and Kings. Travelers all, finding their way home, guided by a heavenly light. 

As you begin your journey, or stand impatient awaiting an arrival, keep that eternal thought alive in your heart...

Home Is A Space, Not A Place
                                               © GVW   

Home is where you can slide in feet first, 
and be safe. 

Home is where you can wear flannel pajamas, goofy slippers, baggy shorts and well-worn, but dearly loved old T-shirts. 

Home is for naps, and cuddles and popcorn.

Home is...a putting up feet on the furniture, scratching where it itches, crying in the dark, and laughing till it 

Home is where we feel real...unguarded...relaxed... ease...

Home is for messes and misses and losses. 

Home is for celebratory congratulations. 

Home is our historical landmark, our own personal museum.  Photographs, trophies, childhood art, nicks on tables, growth charts on walls and pet burial grounds mark our territory. 

Home is A Space, Not a Place.

Home is where we belong, where we must leave, and if we are very lucky...Where the mat always reads...


When we return...

Travel safely
...let the light of the child within each of us... 
guide you home. 

Merry Christmas From the Garden

You Are Always Welcome Here

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