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Monday, November 30, 2015

Dear Santa On December First From A Fan

Letters to Santa. It’s time. Postage due. 

To get myself into the season I looked up some letters to Santa from kids, the last of the true and faithful believers. I stopped after the first one. 

You would have too. It said...

Dear Santa,

I saw Mommy kissing a Man In Brown Shoes, Shorts, and Socks. The name sewn on his shirt was Steve. 
...she said he was an ELF. 

Santa, do you really have an elf named Steve, 
and were those packages under his arm meant for me?
If so, you made me very happy.
And Mommy too. 

Well, tomorrow IS the first day of December, and I am aghast to think that SOME people cannot pull themselves together for the next 25 days, and act like grown ups. 

Responsible grown ups. 

Is it possible, in this age of constant surveillance, is it possible that anyone walks around fooling themselves into a false sense of privacy?

I mean, even I, of the elder generation, stop and pause at the back window before I turn out the light for the night, and wave a hand up towards the sky. 

You never know, some poor soul may be flying their drone high in the sky, and wouldn’t a friendly wave good night be considered neighborly?

However, now that tomorrow is December First, there is a secondary word of warning, you, however, may not heed. 

You may NOT be a believer. 

In Santa Claus. 

I, however, a lifelong believer in the Jolly Old Man, would hasten to caution against reckless behavior. 

Misbehave at your own peril. 

Besides, would it be so terribly terrible,
 to take the pledge?

The Christmas Pledge.

That for one month, or at least the next 24 days...

You will try to do your BEST. 

To be your best self?

Because even if you do not believe, 
someone’s eyes are riveted on You.

Not who you think. 

No, not Santa, peeking through the window. 

I’m talking about the kids. 

The kids squinting eyes shut in the sweet creep of sleep, making whispered wishes into the dimming light. 

The kids standing in line at the mall, patiently holding your hand, sneaking a glimpse of the ruddy cheeks, the white as snow beard, and the red velvet suit, black boots and a Ho Ho Ho Hello What’s Your Name Wish Keeper. 

The kids making snowflake ornaments in Pre School, presents for Mommy and Dad. Covered in glue, glitter and a grin.

Children who believe in good for goodness sake. 

One day, in the not too distant future, if you give them YOUR BEST SELF, as a present placed under the tree, they might even mistake you for the Real Santa. 

What an extraordinary honor.

Tied up with a bow. 

In the meantime, between now and the end of the month, if you need extra practice, may I suggest, try your hand at singing your kids to sleep. 


Bedtime lullabies soothe the weary soul. 

Sing a song for the child in all of us. 

This subject is especially dear to my heart as I received a very special birthday gift this year. My son made me a CD of the songs he sings to my granddaughter.


I am listening to them now as I write. 


...For these are the songs I sang to him and to his brother, when they were small, and on the cusp of sleep. 

So maybe, just maybe, once upon a time, long long ago, I gave a gift that just keeps on giving. 

The Best Of Life, you see, is possible... 

...if you believe... 

A few suggestions,
 if you need a nudge in the right direction...

My Favorite Things/Julie Andrews
Over the Rainbow/Judy Garland
Somewhere/Jim Bryant & Marni Nixon
God Only Knows/The Beach Boys
Sunrise, Sunset/Chaim Topol, Norma Craine

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